As someone who has spent over a decade as a model, I am all too familiar with the challenges we all face to maintain a certain body type and meet expectations in beauty. I loved my job, but found myself struggling with the pressure to look a certain way and pushed my body to some unhealthy extremes. This took a very heavy toll on my self perception and mental health and it wasn’t until I hit total burnout that I started to practice yoga, and discovered a new way to move which felt deeply into what my body and mind truly needed and I was able to quiet my inner critic.

Over my years spent traveling as a model, I had the privilege of working with some of the best fitness and wellness instructors in the world, and it ignited this passion in me to want to understand the how and why of certain tools that change my body, my mind, and make me feel good. I've been on a journey of learning and experimentation, exploring the power of food as medicine and other mindful practices for improving overall health and well-being.

As my career slowly shifted into the media world, my passion grew into a desire to help others, specifically women, navigate the world of expectation and the onslaught of conflicting information to find what their best version is. I believe that everyone should feel confident and empowered in their own bodies, and from that place they are capable of reaching their goals and beyond.