Body on the blink? Hit reset.

Tell me truthfully, how many times have you called the IT guy about your squiffy laptop, only to have him turn it off and on again, and solve the goddamn problem in two minutes flat?

Argh, squirmsville.

You can tinker with something ‘till the proverbial cows come home, but sometimes what’s needed is a straight up reboot. You gotta take a hard stop on the road to god-knows-where, reassess, realign and restart – in a new, better, direction.

Basically, you need a kick up the bum.

Maybe you eat like an angel all day only to send your other half to the cornershop at 10pm for crisps/chocolate/cheese.

Maybe you struggled your way down to a size 12 and got wedged there.

Maybe you’re tired of rotating the same five ‘healthy’ meals and are white-knuckling it through the lasagne cravings.

Maybe HIIT is no longer hitting the spot or hot yoga is no longer melting off those pounds.

Maybe your resolution to go to bed early has nodded off somewhere, leaving you mincing around the house after midnight and yawning through the workday.

Maybe you’re hooked on coffee, get separation anxiety from your smartphone, or are working so hard your life is flying right past you.


But first, let’s be clear about something.

I’m not talking about ‘magic’ seaweed body wraps, pills or scales, meal plans, juice cleanses or enemas (phew!). You don’t need to move to an ashram. Or give your life savings to a self-help guru. I’m not going to hypnotise you. Or shame you. Or drag you out of bed at 5am for a workout.

But I am going to help you do these things:

  • Create a clear picture of how you want to feel
  • Discover your body type and find a way of eating that works for you
  • Push reset on cravings and break up with unhelpful habits
  • Gently clean out your system and release toxins and fat without fuss or hardship
  • Work out how to fit healthy food and exercise into your life
  • Drop a dress size and feel lighter, leaner and cleaner
  • Unlock your energy and say goodbye to sluggish afternoons
  • Fall in love with cooking (and eating) gorgeous, healthy meals
  • Climb out of that health rut you’ve been festering in
  • Get the motivation to carry on and change your body, health and life for good

Release and Reset is a month-long one-to-one coaching programme that kicks your butt into healthy land without the need to drain your life savings, live in the gym or beg for solid food.

When we wrap up, you’ll feel lighter, leaner, cleaner and more energised. You’ll also be totally in tune with your body and have a mini arsenal of foodie tricks up your sleeve, so you can continue your health journey like a badass.

Release and Reset is perfect for you if…

  • You know you could get where you want to be, if it wasn’t just for that one big fat bad habit holding you back.
  • You want to get healthy but can’t work out what actually is healthy, what’s not, who to listen to and where to start.
  • You love good food and exercise, but can’t seem to squidge either into your jam-packed life.
  • You know something’s gotta change but you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a six-month health coaching programme.
  • You want to look slim and glowy for a special occasion without having to eat like a child or send yourself bonkers. (Nor do you want to hit the buffet table like a women possessed once you get there).

Here's what's included in your Release and Reset programme

Four hours of one-to-one health coaching configured in a way that works for you. Example: 1 x 90-minute deep dive session followed by 1 x 60 minute session and 3 x 30-minute follow ups.

Unlimited email support between sessions for tricky questions, supermarket overwhelm or anything else you’re stuck on.

Weekly cheat sheets to read, scribble on and reference for instant inspiration and to keep you firmly on track.

£200 off my six-month programme if you want to turn your flying start into full-on transformation.

A copy of my ebook and a spot on the VIP list for my events and workshops.

Release and Reset costs £475

Release and Reset

So, if you’re ready to leave your health rut behind (comfy as it’s been), release what’s holding you back and reset your body and mind for marvellous-ness, book a free 45-minute breakthrough session with me to see what it’s all about.

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