Time to let go

One of the most powerful moments I’ve ever had with a client was just a couple of months into this very programme. She’d ditched the diet demons that had held her hostage for the best part of 40 years, and I asked her my favourite question:

What now?

Nothing,’ she replied.
I feel like I’m on holiday and I’m just going to enjoy it’.

How delicious is that?

When the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders you’re suddenly free to do anything. Everything. Or even nothing.

The choice is yours.

This programme isn’t about getting back into your skinny jeans (although that might be a side-effect).

It’s about freedom.

Freedom from crap food groundhog day

Freedom from low-fat yoghurt and workout fads

Freedom around buffet tables and airbrushed ads

Freedom from changing room meltdowns and outfit trauma

Freedom from self-bitching, self-hating, self-punishing

Freedom from bingeing and restriction

It’s about the freedom to wear what you like,
Say what you mean
Go where you want
And do what you love.


I believe that the food/weight issues each of us drags around day in day out is really a form of resistance. Resistance to our growth. Our evolution. Our path. Our life and our ability to live it to the max.

When we’re weighed down, we can’t fly. When we’re burdened, we can’t flourish. While you wrestle with your body, you cannot run free.

I know you, honey.

As a kid you loved to draw, or ride horses, design clothes or bake fairy cakes.

Now you’re stuck in a work-eat-sleep-repeat cycle and wondering if this is really it.

You have secret thoughts about saving whales or writing books, starting a business or buying a farm.

Yet you’ve dedicated your life, your energy, your sanity, to battling your body.

Now you’re sick of ‘solutions’ and fresh out of motivation.

Enough is enough. And time is running out.

You. Food to Freedom is for you.

But I’ll tell you right now, straight up, that there is no wonder potion. No quick fix.

The only thing that’s going to take you where you want to be (and keep you there) is you.

And time.

And support.

But when you commit, when you let go of ‘right now’ and get someone on your team, getting slim and healthy is shockingly easy (no, the diet industry won’t tell you that).

You’ll barely notice the changes piling up, until one day, a few months from now, you’ll catch your reflection in a mirror, find yourself saying, ‘I could murder a smoothie’ or hear, ‘You look awesome by the way’, and you’ll realise how far you’ve come.

And then I’ll ask you the same question I asked my holiday-loving client.

‘What now?’

And you’ll have your own answer.

Food to Freedom is so different because . . .

I don't tell you what to do or what to eat

I help you tune back into the only guidance system you need. The one that really has your back. The one that’s always right. The one you’ve drowned out and overruled so many times it’s barely a whisper. The natural intelligence of your own incredible body.

I don’t make you eat my way. I help you find your way.

I help you reconnect with what you already know (because you know a lot), fill the gaps and clear the blockages. And I help you strengthen, expand and act on that knowledge to create a lifestyle that works for you, so you can go out and claim the life you’ve been putting off.

Food to Freedom is perfect if you're ready to…

  • Enjoy eating without stress, confusion, guilt or an emotional hangover
  • Quit craving crap and start reaching for food that feeds you, body and soul
  • Give up eating yuck foods because they’re ‘good for you’
  • Stop hating on your body and love where you are, right now
  • Shed the shapeless layers and wear whatever the hell you feel like
  • Start taking real care of yourself
  • Claim your life with both hands
  • And redirect time and energy you spend stressing about your body, into actually LIVING

But first, let's get clear on something…

I’m here to help you connect with and listen to your body. To share my expertise and experience with you. To challenge you. Motivate you. Stretch you. Teach you. And to support you 100 per cent.

I will not be doing these things:

Dishing out meal plans. I work by tweaking what you already eat.

Or workout plans. I focus on helping you do more of the exercise you love.

Telling you to cut out food. I work by adding healthy foods in.

Weighing you. I don’t care what you weigh, just how you feel.

Shaming or guilting you. I don’t do that. Ever.

Here's how Food to Freedom works

We’ll meet for 60-minutes, every two weeks for six months (in person or over the interwebs) to celebrate your wins, bust through your blocks and move you step by gentle guided step, towards the body and the life you want.

You’ll also get a 60-minute bonus session to use however you like (think a private cooking workshop, supermarket safari or yoga class. You could even gift it to a friend!)

You’ll get unlimited email support to tackle burning questions, difficult feelings, cravings or confusion in between sessions. I’ve got your back the whole way.

And as soon as we start, I’ll send you a copy of my ebook and put you on the VIP list for my events and workshops.

Food to Freedom costs £1350 or £250 per month for six months.

No more diets. No more overwhelm. No more waiting till you’ve lost some weight. No more excuses.
If it’s time to say yes to the body you want and the life that’s waiting for you…

…then book a free 45-minute breakthrough session to find out where you are, what you’re working towards and what’s been holding you back.

Got a question?

In a word, everything. The Food to Freedom programme content is truly holistic – meaning that you’ll learn, discuss, absorb and implement a comprehensive curriculum of incredible health. Of course we’ll cover what to eat, why to eat it and even how to make it (on any budget), but we’ll look at everything through the lens of your individual body type.

We’ll also dive into the stuff that makes you stumble – from cravings, stress and sleep (or lack of), to environmental toxins, emotions and beliefs. And I’ll blow the lid on some little-known health secrets too. My absolute intention is that you end your six-month programme with a fabulous healthy body and all the knowledge, insight, habits, skills and motivation you need to look after it, forever.

We’ll always start with the good stuff – what’s going well. And we’ll chat through any challenges together before diving into the session content. Each session will usually cover one topic, but the beauty of a one-to-one programme is that it’s all about you – and you’re in the driving seat. If something’s more important today, let’s be having it.

At the end of the session, we’ll agree on just one or two things to work on for the next fortnight. Then you’ll grab a supersheet with the session summary and inspiration, and do jazz hands all the way home.

Simple. Book a free breakthrough session using the link above. Or just email me your questions. I’m all ears.

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