Here’s to wellness wakeup calls

That moment the universe rears up, slaps you round the face and demands to know quite what you think you’re doing.

Have you had one? I highly recommend them.

Mine happened in a car park at 9am on a Monday morning in 2011.  

I was on my last and stupidest diet ever. I’d walked wibbly-legged from the bus stop to the office after a savage spin class and was seriously un-looking forward to my breakfast of a kale juice and a boiled egg (I mean, WTAF?) when I started seeing stars. Dizzy, depleted and bent double, this thought popped into my mind:

‘This. Is. BULLSH*T’.

Five years earlier I’d fallen out the back of the Great Britain under-23 rowing squad and into burnout land (brought on by a punishing training schedule and a diet of bagels, malt loaf and Mr Kipling apple pies). I’d quit sport and gone to India, where I immersed myself in the culture (of curry and chapatti) with the unique tenacity of an athlete trained to eat. And wound up recurrently sick, yo-yo dieting and miserable.

And enough was firmly, finally, enough.

It took me about three years to become the healthiest person I knew, on my own.
Now I my clients get there in about three months.
To a place where they’re comfortable and confident around food.
Where they’re doing exercise for the goddamn love of it.
Where they’re sleeping well and waking refreshed.
Where they’ve cleared up niggling health issues like poor digestion or problem skin.
And they’ve reached what I call the wonder point.

The point at which they start to wonder


Trust me on this: when you’ve climbed out of your health rut; when you feel healthy, energised, alert, alive; when you feel like ‘you’ again, you won’t want to waste another moment of it. And even better – you’ll have the confidence and the tools to take it in any direction you want.

I’ve had clients text me from yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.
Buy a boat and sail round the south coast.
Tell me how they’ve finally found their calling in life.
Rediscover running, painting, travelling, FUN.

Me? I became a health coach, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a Forrest Yoga teacher. Then I jacked in my career in advertising and yelled (metaphorically), ‘Bring it the hell on!

Let it be said, wellness has secret powers.

So, the big question:

Are you ready to let go of all the stuff that’s weighing you down (the last 10lbs, the wardrobe in seven different sizes, the annual bikini drama, the fat-free-gluten-free-sugar-free-fun-free diets) and live a bigger, braver life?

Yes? Awesome. You have two choices.

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