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Practice makes progress

Practice makes progress: what yoga teaches us about life

As a wellness coach, speaker, workshop leader and yoga teacher I really consider myself a dealer in the currency of change. I am, quite literally, in the business of inspiring and supporting people in getting from one place to another; from where they are now to where they want to be. One of my classes even…

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Transitions, resolutions, revelations

Every year since I left the comfort of my full-time job for the life of an entrepreneur, I have been in transition. And 2016 has been the most intense by far. Did you feel it too? As a part of a greater whole, it seems to me that our personal transitions are reflected in those of…

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Back to school we go

Back to school we go

No matter how long we’ve been adult-ing, how long we’ve held down jobs, paid mortgages and scraped by with 28 days of holiday a year, September will always, always have a back to school vibe. I kind of love it. After August – the month in which no one can be arsed to do anything – September is…

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What we can learn about wellness from a pushmi-pullyu (1)

Lessons in wellness from a pushmi-pullyu

Yes, a pushmi-pullyu. That totally nutty, totally made up animal from Doctor Doolittle. Honestly, I really hope that whoever cooked up this inspired twist on a llama (already gunning for gold in the animal hilarity stakes) got some kind of award. Genius. I digress. Of all the imaginary animals in the land, the pushmi-pullyu is…

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