I can’t really remember how my interest in essential oils came about, but I can tell you when I became obsessed with them. It was the Christmas my mother-in-law bought me a diffuser – a wonderful gadget that turns cold water and essential oil droplets into a fine, fragrant mist.

I. Was. Hooked.

I bought some oils and did my yoga practice in a scented cloud. Then the obsession really grew legs. From flavoured raw chocolate to homemade face scrub and body oils, and the incredible therapeutic uses I’m going to introduce you to in the free guide you can download below – whatever the situation, I’d find an oil for it. Hot bath after a long day of teaching: Lavender. Upset tummy: Peppermint. Cold coming on: Eucalyptus. The list is endless.

As my knowledge of oils and their uses grew (and grows still), so did my admiration and love for them. Having long been an advocate of organic and natural everything – from food to medicines, cleaning products to beauty products – essential oils sent me a layer deeper, allowing me to put my ‘natural first’ belief into real practice.

“The idea that I can help my body and mind sleep, energise, ease, heal and more through one self-administered, completely pure, plant-based remedy is deeply appealing to me.”

If I break a leg, for the love of god, take me to A&E. But if I burn my hand (as I seem to do every time I pick up an iron) I needn’t even be tempted to spread some chemically concocted lotion on it: there’s an oil for that, and it’s more effective than Burn-eze.

With essential oils, my health is is exactly that: mine.

There’s something else too: to me, essential oils are like treasure, and I am a collector. No matter how many I have, there’s always more I’m coveting. My treasure chest of oils sits on my desk. When I’m in need of distraction I just open it, pick one and inhale its magic. Facebook’s got nothing on this.

If you’re interested in essential oils and all the magical ways you can use them for physical and emotional wellbeing, you’ll want to download my beginner’s guide.

Here's what it includes:

  • An introduction to essential oils – what they are, where they come from and what they can do
  • Advice about how to choose and use your essential oils
  • Your top five oils and – of course – lots of ways to use them
  • Five common health conditions (stress/anxiety, colds/low immunity, digestive issues, period pain and morning sickness) and how to relieve them with essential oils
  • Five easy recipes using essential oils, from raw chocolate to body scrubs and room sprays
  • How you can use essential oils to make extra money or even a full-time income
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