We all want to be well

To be healthy and happy, fit and energised.

Who doesn’t?

When I ask people what’s standing in the way of them feeling the way they want to feel, living the kind of life they want to live, the overwhelming majority give me the same answer:


We are, seemingly, starved for time.

It’s unlikely to come as a surprise that as a population here in the UK, we work long and we work hard.

In fact, we rank 22 out of 36 western countries for work-life balance (OECD Better Life Index). Even lower for the hours a week we devote to leisure and personal care.

Well at least we’re productive. Right?

Wrong. Our productivity lags behind our European counterparts by as much as 20 per cent.

Simply put, when compared to at least 21 other countries, we work harder but achieve less.
We’re also less healthy and less happy.

This is a problem.

Because not only is our personal potential going unfulfilled, the companies we work so hard for aren’t getting the best of us either.

It’s a no-win situation.

The thing is, we are more than a workforce.

We are people. We are parents and children, musicians and makers. We harbour dreams of adventure, of writing books, running marathons. We are uniquely us, and we have a purpose all our own.

Yet that purpose often ends up at the bottom of the to-do list, squeezed to the outer edges of our lives.

– In the intensity of ‘always on’ information, it cannot be heard.

– In the midst of declining health, it cannot be felt.

– And in the sheer complexity of our identities as employees, commuters, consumers, parents, partners, leaders,
it cannot be brought to fruition.

let's change that

Becoming a well being begins with what we eat, and how we move and rest. And upon that foundation can be built strong values, a fulfilling family life and friendships, connection, creativity, spirituality, and the fulfilment of our dreams and ambitions – all the things that nourish us as humans.

Wellbeing is the foundation for a life well lived. As well as the basis for a thriving company culture and bolstered bottom line.

And the secret is well and truly out.

The Work Foundation states:

In addition to good pay, career prospects and opportunities for advancement, a growing proportion of workers are attaching importance to the ethical reputation of the organisation and its ability to offer appropriate work-life balance.

Businesses are experiencing something like wellness gentrification, driven largely by employees themselves. While once upon a time a pension and holiday pay were considered adequate benefits, people are increasingly demanding meaning and purpose in their lives – both in and out of the office, as well as initiatives that go way beyond ‘health and safety’.

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