Why I started eating meat again

In the Spring of 2013 I was working as a freelance copywriter at an advertising agency and piling the cash into our summer wedding fund. I never entirely liked working in offices. With my green smoothies and green tea and green salads I was always the odd kid, justifying my food choices in the staff kitchen to someone…

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Why is food so complicated-

Why is food so complicated?

Someone asked me that a while ago. Fair point, I thought. She used the example of soy milk. How everyone banged on about how great an alternative to dairy it was, so we put it on our cereal and made lattes out of it, and even dabbled in soya yoghurt for a while until we…

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Five wonderful (and not so wonderful) working breakfasts

Five wonderful working breakfasts

Tiny tweaks. They’re the crux of my wellness coaching practice. In my experience, unless your life is on the line or some event has whipped the carpet out from under you and forced you to redesign your life, real, lasting change is the product of many small changes knitted together. And when I begin a…

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You can make friends with salad

You can win friends with salad

Wanna hear my salad mantra? GO BIG OR GO HOME Seriously. I’m not a, ‘Just a green salad with a squeeze of lemon juice please, waiter’ kind of girl. Life’s too short to chew on naked leaves while murmuring, ‘Mmm, so simple and delicious…’. Give over. I grew up in the Nigella tradition of cookery.…

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25 ways to stop eating crap

25 ways to stop eating crap

Somewhere out there is an alternate universe where earthlings eat for one reason only. HUNGER (Also in this utopia, food companies actually give a shit about our health, food is a bonafide medicine and Ryan Gosling is still single). As it is, we live in a beautifully flawed and wonderfully warped world in which there…

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