Service suspended

Service suspended: a manifesto for resilience

On Monday afternoon I got a Whatsapp message from my best friend: ‘Honey are you aware the web link in your email signature is down? ‘. Bugger, I thought. How long has that not been working? For a day? Since FOREVER? Is there even a way to quantify how unprofessional that looks to potential clients? Unlikely.…

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Is 'work life-balance' a big fat lie-

Is ‘work life-balance’ over?

“We are diluted in gigantic intangible collective projects, which leave us wondering what we did last year and, more profoundly, where we have gone and quite what we have amounted to….” – Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work I seized on this book, the modern-day philosopher Alain de Botton’s The Pleasures and Sorrows of…

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how to put technology back in its box

How to put technology back in its box

Last week I was scheduled to run a wellness workshop on behalf of another company. I do this from time to time. In fact it’s how I cut my teeth as a speaker and deliverer of useful wellness stuffs to stressed out employees. It was in a town about 20 miles from where I live, so…

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Why I started eating meat again

In the Spring of 2013 I was working as a freelance copywriter at an advertising agency and piling the cash into our summer wedding fund. I never entirely liked working in offices. With my green smoothies and green tea and green salads I was always the odd kid, justifying my food choices in the staff kitchen to someone…

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Back to school we go

Back to school we go

No matter how long we’ve been adult-ing, how long we’ve held down jobs, paid mortgages and scraped by with 28 days of holiday a year, September will always, always have a back to school vibe. I kind of love it. After August – the month in which no one can be arsed to do anything – September is…

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Caffeine, alcohol, how much is too much-

Caffeine, alcohol, how much is too much?

One of my friends asked me this a while ago. And what a great question. So juicy. So incendiary. So guaranteed to put people on the defensive. Now before get into this, I need you to know something: I’m no foodie fundamentalist. I don’t believe in extremes. I don’t believe in labelling foods good or…

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What we can learn about wellness from a pushmi-pullyu (1)

Lessons in wellness from a pushmi-pullyu

Yes, a pushmi-pullyu. That totally nutty, totally made up animal from Doctor Doolittle. Honestly, I really hope that whoever cooked up this inspired twist on a llama (already gunning for gold in the animal hilarity stakes) got some kind of award. Genius. I digress. Of all the imaginary animals in the land, the pushmi-pullyu is…

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