I’m Lizzy Nichol, Founder and Director of Wellbeings

Wellbeings is the company I needed when I hit the proverbial deck as a 21 year-old international athlete, living on Lucozade and burning out big style.

The knowledge Wellbeings delivers in a single ebook took me years to piece together as I rebuilt my body – and my relationship with it – step by step.

With Wellbeings’ support my first diet would have been my last. I would have known that health is the answer before almost fainting in a carpark.

Wellbeings could also have steered me through the work-hard-play-harder rigours of career #1; bolstered me while I tweaked PDFs at 2am.

But as one of my teachers says,

What’s in the way is the way

There were no shortcuts in my journey. And thank goodness for that. If there were, I wouldn’t have trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, become a coach, a yoga teacher and a speaker. And Wellbeings might have been someone else’s dream.

Health is wonderful, but I believe it’s what you do with it that counts.

The world doesn’t need people who are simply more healthy; it needs people who follow their passions, who uplift each other and are generally top notch humans. Wellness puts you on that road.

Well beings are better beings.

X Lizzy

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